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GGM/398/130/2020/14 DATED 17.06.2020 RERA-GRG-672-2020 19-Mar-2020 18-Mar-2020 APPROVED AND CERTIFICATE UPLOADED NOT REQUIRED Yes 28-May-2020 By email By email
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GGM/398/130/2020/14 DATED 17.06.2020 24-Jul-2020 RC Approved and Certificate Uploaded
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15-Jun-2020 During online hearing held on 15.06.2020, Dr. Sunil Yadav present on the behalf of M/s Pyramid Home Developers LLP. The Authority directed the promoter to get the online corrections done. The promoter should get the Fire scheme approval and Service plan and estimates within 2 months and Environment Clearance within one year as a matter of policy, after the issuance of registration certificate. It has also come to notice that the promoter has taken loan of Rs 36 crore for which the Authority directed the promoter that either they should pay the cost of land and get non-encumbrance certificate or they should give in writing that the money which will come upto December 2020 will be deposited for the land and will get the land free from encumbrance. Matter is fixed for 22.06.2020. APPROVED AND READY FOR CERTIFICATE ISSUING PROCESS View Order
08-Jun-2020 The annexures mentioned in REP-I filled online have not been uploaded. Also, correction in REP-I- Part C (d) needs to be done online. Environment Clearance should be submitted within one year after the issuance of registration certificate. Approved Service plan and estimates needs to be submitted. Fire Scheme approval needs to be submitted. Total sale Value and carper area mentioned in Part E of DPI needs to be clarified Status: Document mentioning the area provided however total Saleable FAR needs to be clarified. Financial Resource of the project and phase need to be clarified and supporting document relating to the same need to be provided. Status: Source of finance from equity by promoter Rs. 3.1 crore proof of payment needs to be provided. Detail of loan and advances from other sources need to be clarified. Status: Loan and advances from sister concern. However, documentary evidence needs to be provided Payment plan in the allotment letter is not according to RERA, hence needs to be submitted. Completion date of the project in BBA is not mentioned needs to be done.   The authority directed the promoter to submit the board authorization letter to attend the hearing and remove the abovementioned deficiencies. Matter is fixed for 15.06.2020. EXAMINATION BY MEMBERS View Order