Comprehensive Project Details
Project Location Details
Project Name Project Location Project District Project Tehsil Promoter Name
Ashiana Amarah Ph I & IA VILL. Wazirpur, SECTOR - 93 GURUGRAM Sohna Ashiana Housing limited
Project Detail
Project Registration Number Project Id Receiving Date Online Submission Date Current Status Next Date of Hearing Notice Dispatched Notice Dispatched On Notice Tracking Id Notice Dispatched Remarks View Notice Initially Scrutinized Remarks Details of Project(Form A-H)
GGM/482/214/2021/50 DATED 07.09.2021 RERA-GRG-841-2021 24-Mar-2021 09-Sep-2021 APPROVED AND CERTIFICATE UPLOADED NOT REQUIRED Yes 26-Mar-2021 Received by hand 1st deficiency notice
1st deficiency notice sent to the promoter View Form(A-H)
Project Approval Status
Project Registration Number Uploading Date Remarks View Certificate
GGM/482/214/2021/50 DATED 07.09.2021 11-Oct-2021 RC Approved and Certificate Uploaded
Project Listing Details
Date of Hearing Proceedings of the day Status Order
07-Sep-2021 Proceedings dated: 07.09.2021 Ms. Jyoti Yadav, Coordinator, Planning Branch briefed about the facts of the project. Sh. Ayush Gupta (Legal Officer), Ms. Preeti Bhandari (AGM Legal), Sh. Ashish Bansal (Manager Accounts) and Sh. Abhijeet Joshi (Vice President) are present on behalf of the promoter who request for allowing registration of the applied phase. It was brought to the notice of the Authority that fire scheme approval and service plan estimates approval is still pending. Accordingly, promoter is advised to submit proof that service plan estimates have been scrutinized at the level of CE and the matter is pending for approval before the DTCP. The promoter was advised either to bring approval of phases from the DTCP or apply for remaining phase giving the date of completion/occupation certificate within the validity period of license. The authority decided to grant registration subject to the application shall be applied by the promoter for registration of remaining phase. The matter to come up on 21.09.2021 for further follow up regarding registration of remaining phase. APPROVED AND READY FOR CERTIFICATE ISSUING PROCESS ---
31-Aug-2021 The matter adjourned for 07.09.2021.  OBJECTION ---
26-Apr-2021 The authority decided to keep the matter in sine die and should wait for reply of the reference dated 20.05.2021 sent to the Director, Town and Country Planning, Govt. of Haryana, Chandigarh for clarification and guidance in the matter.  SINE DIE ---
12-Apr-2021 Proceedings dated  12.04.2021Ms.Jyoti Yadav Coordinator Planning Branch briefed the facts of the case. Sh. Aayush Gupta (Legal Officer) is present on behalf of the promoter.It has been brought to the notice that as per the askance of Sh. Ayush Gupta the project has been divided into five phases for which sanction has been obtained from DTCP, Haryana and for Ashiana Anmol Phase-I measuring 3.80 acres, registration No.26 of 2017, dated 28.07.2017 was obtained from HARERA Panchkula office and subsequently for  Ashiana Anmol Plaza Phase-I measuring 0.339 acres (commercial and EWS) the registration No. 57 of 2019, dated 03.10.2019 was obtained from HARERA, Gurugram. Now the matter before the Authority is for registration of Ashiana Anmol Phase-II area measuring 2.409 acres in the same licensed colony, wherein deficiencies stand conveyed on 26.03.2021. The representative of promoter is submitting the reply today at the reception counter, which be examined by the office. Further it was noticed that a confirmation regarding approval of the Phasing plan of the project from DTCP, Haryana be obtained by sending a copy of approved building plan/site plan showing the proposed phasing. The matter to come up on 26.04.2021.Dr. K.K.Khandelwal (Chairman)Samir Kumar (Member)Vijay Kumar Goyal (Member)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          EXAMINATION BY AUTHORITY ---
Project Deficiency Details
Deficiency Date Deficiency Remarks Online Compliance Done Online Compliance Date Online Compliance Remarks Compliance Date Compliance Remarks
25-Aug-2021 The authority decided to discuss the matter on 31.08.2021.  Not Yet