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Project Name Project Location Project District Project Tehsil Promoter Name
Shiva-Som Valley Sector 2 & 35, Sohna GURUGRAM Sohna Nishant Luthra
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Project Registration Number Project Id Receiving Date Online Submission Date Current Status Next Date of Hearing Notice Dispatched Notice Dispatched On Notice Tracking Id Notice Dispatched Remarks View Notice Initially Scrutinized Remarks Details of Project(Form A-H)
GGM/450/182/2021/18 DATED 12.04.2021 RERA-GRG-783-2020 12-Feb-2021 10-Dec-2020 APPROVED AND CERTIFICATE UPLOADED NOT REQUIRED Yes 18-Feb-2021 Received by hand 1st deficiency notice
1st deficiency notice sent to the promoter View Form(A-H)
Project Approval Status
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GGM/450/182/2021/18 DATED 12.04.2021 10-May-2021 RC Approved and Certificate Uploaded
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Date of Hearing Proceedings of the day Status Order
22-Mar-2021 During personal hearing, Mr. Nishant Luthra was present as a promoter for the project namely Shiva Som Valley situated in sector 2 and 35, Sohna, Gurgaon. The promoter has rectified the deficiencies conveyed earlier except the service plan and estimates have not been approved so far. The promoter is asked to give an undertaking on affidavit that same shall be submitted within two months otherwise the registration certificate shall be treated as cancelled and any amount received from the allottees shall be refunded with interest within one month thereafter. The Authority decided to grant registration as a special case not to be treated as precedent.  APPROVED AND READY FOR CERTIFICATE ISSUING PROCESS ---
01-Mar-2021 During personal hearing, Mr. Nishant Luthra weas present as a promoter for the project namely Shiva Som Valley situated in sector 2 and 35, Sohna, Gurgaon. The deficiencies were conveyed to the promoter vide deficiency notice dated 18.02.2021 in response to which reply was submitted by the promoter on 26.02.2021. The reply was scrutinized by the authority and it was found that still there are deficiencies which are mentioned below needs to be fulfilled by the promoter. The deficit documents which are still pending are as follows: 1.     Copy of Aravalli NOC for 0.34375 acres not submitted. 2.       Copy of approved service estimates and plans not submitted. Status: Applied on 22.12.2020. but applied estimated and plans not submitted. 3.       Approvals for sewage disposal, storm water drainage, water supply from competent authority needs to be submitted. 4.       Copy of electrical load availability NOC not submitted. Status:  Applied on 08.02.2021 not approval still awaited. 5.       Copy of HUDA construction water NOC not submitted. Status:  Applied on 09.02.2021 not approval still awaited. 6.       Revised project report needs to be submitted which included all the sale proceeds till date, financial resources, cost of construction etc. Status:  not submitted 7.       Information to revenue department about the fact that project land licensed and bonded for setting up of a colony not informed to the revenue department for entry in the record of ownership. Status:  not submitted Allottee related draft documents. 8.   Revised Allotment letter, BBA, payment plan needs to be submitted. (for both commercial and residential separately) Mr. Nishant Luthra is directed to get these deficiencies complete. Next date of hearing is fixed for 22.03.2021. EXAMINATION BY MEMBERS ---