Comprehensive Project Details
Project Location Details
Project Name Project Location Project District Project Tehsil Promoter Name
ROF ALANTE Village- Dharampur, Sector- 108 GURUGRAM Kadipur ST Nani Resorts and Floriculture Private Limited
Project Detail
Project Registration Number Project Id Receiving Date Online Submission Date Current Status Next Date of Hearing Notice Dispatched Notice Dispatched On Notice Tracking Id Notice Dispatched Remarks View Notice Initially Scrutinized Remarks Details of Project(Form A-H)
GGM/381/113/2019/75 DATED 09.12.2019 RERA-GRG-315-2019 04-Oct-2019 19-Sep-2019 APPROVED AND CERTIFICATE UPLOADED NOT REQUIRED Not Yet -- 1st Deficiency notice sent on 15.10.2019Prachi View Form(A-H)
Project Approval Status
Project Registration Number Approval Date Approval Remarks View Certificate
GGM/381/113/2019/75 DATED 09.12.2019 04-Jan-2020 RC Approved and Uploaded
Project Listing Details
Date of Hearing Proceedings of the day Status Order
10-Dec-2019 Sh. Rahul, Authorized signatory of the promoter along with Mr. Mayank Prajapat, Company Secretary appeared before the authority. Fire scheme approval, electrical load availability and service estimates shall be submitted by the promoter within 3 months. Meanwhile copy of the service estimates and plans be submitted to the competent authority be uploaded on the website of the authority. Environment cledarance shall be obtained by the promoter. The authority decided to approve the project for grant of registration. The registration certificiate be prepared and declalration byh the promoterand DPI be compiled.In the RERA account 100% of the sale proceeds shall have to be kept till environment clearance is obtained by the promoter. APPROVED AND READY FOR CERTIFICATE ISSUING PROCESS View Order
09-Dec-2019  Next date of hearing on 10.12.2019 ADJOURNMENT ---
02-Dec-2019  Next date of hearing on 09.12.2019 OBJECTION ---
06-Nov-2019  Next date of hearing on 02.12.2019 ADJOURNMENT ---
29-Oct-2019 1st hearing got adjourned. Next date of hearing on 11.11.2019 ADJOURNMENT ---
22-Oct-2019 1st hearing got adjourned. Next date of hearing on 29.10.2019 EXAMINATION BY MEMBERS ---
Project Deficiency Details
Deficiency Date Deficiency Remarks Online Compliance Done Online Compliance Date Online Compliance Remarks Compliance Date Compliance Remarks
15-Nov-2019  Next date of hearing on 02.12.2019 Not Yet