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Project Name Project Location Project District Project Tehsil Promoter Name
Signature Global Park IV(2) Village Hariyahara, sector 36, Sohna, Distt. Gurugram GURUGRAM Sohna Signatureglobal Homes Private Limited
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Project Registration Number Project Id Receiving Date Online Submission Date Current Status Next Date of Hearing Notice Dispatched Notice Dispatched On Notice Tracking Id Notice Dispatched Remarks View Notice Initially Scrutinized Remarks Details of Project(Form A-H)
GGM/572/304/2022/47 DATED 06.06.2022 RERA-GRG-1064-2022 09-May-2022 08-May-2022 APPROVED AND CERTIFICATE UPLOADED NOT REQUIRED Yes 19-May-2022 By hand 1st deficiency notice
1st deficiency notice sent on 19.05.2022 View Form(A-H)
Project Approval Status
Project Registration Number Approval Date Approval Remarks View Certificate
GGM/572/304/2022/47 DATED 06.06.2022 23-Jun-2022 RC Uploaded
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Date of Hearing Proceedings of the day Status Order
30-May-2022 Ms. Prachi Singh Planning Executive briefed about the case.Sh. Ajay Kumar (Asstt Manager) and Sh. Anurag Srivastava are present on behalf of the promoter.Apart from rectification of the above deficiencies the promoter is advised to submit a certificate from theconcerned branch regarding submission of the annual audit report of project accounts in respect of projectsregistered till 31.03.2021 and QPRs of the projects of the promoter till last quarter is to be submitted.The matter to come up on 06.06.2022. ADJOURNMENT ---
25-May-2022 Ms. Prachi Singh Planning Executive briefed about the case.Sh. Ajay Kumar (Asstt Manager) and Anurag are present on behalf of the promoter.An application regarding registration of residential floors projects namely “Signature Global City -IV (2) situatedat Village-Hariyahara, Sector-36, Sohna, Gurugram, Haryana being developed by M/s Signature Global HomesPvt. Ltd. was submitted on 10.05.2022 under section 4 of Real Estate (Regulation and Development), Act 2016.This application for registration is a part of the affordable residential plotted colony under DDJAY which fallsunder license no. 117 of 2019 for area admeasuring 15 acres dated 12.09.2019 valid up to 11.09.2024 beingissued in favour of Sh. Narendra Kumar and others in collaboration with M/s International Land Developers Pvt.Ltd. Further, the promoter obtained change of developer vide order no.LC-4084/Asstt(AK)/2019/30747 dated13.12.2019 which got registered by the authority vide RC no. 17 of 2020 dated 20.07.2020 valid upto31.12.2021. The completion certificate is obtained by the promoter for area admeasuring 15 acres vide LC-4084-JE(MK)-2022/12176 dated 06.05.2022.The project comprises of 272 plots out of which 137 plots are frozen and 135 plots are unfrozen. The promoterhas already got registered 11.65 acres having residential floor 540 units on 135 unfrozen plots and 1 commercialtower with 164 shops vide RC no. 29 of 2020 dated 08.10.2020. Now, the promoter has submitted theapplication regarding 137 frozen plots on which total of 548 units are to be constructed.On scrutiny of the application, some of the deficiencies and observations were observed which were conveyed tothe promoter vide notice no. HARERA/GGM/RPIN/463 dated 19.05.2022. The promoter has submitted the replydated 20.05.2022 which was scrutinized and still the following documents are pending which are mentionedbelow: -1. The annexures in the online are not uploaded as well as the correction needs to be done in the online (A-H).Temp ID- RERA-GRG-PROJ-1064-2022Project Name- Signature Global Park -IV (2)2. Corrections in Detailed Project Information needs to be done.3. Copy of approved building plans of residential plots need to be submitted.4. Copy of non-encumbrance certificate certified by tehsildar of the Revenue department need to be provided.5. The legal documents i.e., application form and conveyance deed need to be provided.6. The Legal documents i.e., Builder buyer agreement and allotment letter related to allottees is not in theproper format. The same needs to be revised.7. Cost of land for the area applied for registration needs to be clarified. An annexure in support of the sameneeds to be submitted.8. Interest cost as mentioned in Part-D needs to be clarified.9. Saleable area of the project needs to be clarified.10. Financial resources of the project need to be clarified.11. CA Certificate for expenditure incurred up to the date registration needs to be submitted.12. CA Certificate for non-default in debt due to financial institution and statutory due to Govt. Authoritiesneeds to be revised, it should not be 6 months prior to the date of application of registration.13. Director report for the financial year 2019-20 needs to be submitted.14. Cost of the project in promoter affidavit keeping in view of section 4(2)(I)(D) needs to be revised.15. Cost of IDW needs to be eliminated from the cost of project and adjusted in the cost of plots.16. Bank undertaking needs to be revised.17. CA Certificate for promoter equity needs to be submitted.The promoter is directed to submit the deficit documents before the next date of hearing.Some of the deficiencies have been attended which need to be scrutinised by the office. Left out deficiencies asmentioned out of the above if pending be attended by the promoter before next date of hearing.The Authority has viewed it seriously that QPRs and annual audit reports of various projects by the promoter orits associated companies have not been regularly submitted. The promoter may reconcile the reports ifsubmitted in the Authority and balance reports be completed within a week both in online and offline mode. TheAuthority reserves its right to initiate penal proceedings against the promoter for violation of section 4 andsection 11(1) of the Act.The matter to come up on 30.05.2022. ADJOURNMENT ---
23-May-2022 The matter is adjourned to 25.05.2022. EXAMINATION BY MEMBERS ---