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GGM/543/275/2022/18 DATED 14.03.2022 RERA-GRG-1013-2022 10-Feb-2022 08-Feb-2022 APPROVED AND CERTIFICATE UPLOADED NOT REQUIRED Yes 21-Feb-2022 By hand 1st deficiency notice
1st deficiency notice sent View Form(A-H)
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GGM/543/275/2022/18 DATED 14.03.2022 28-May-2022 RC Uploaded
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14-Mar-2022 Proceedings dated: 14.03.2022 The promoter M/s JMS Infra Reality Pvt. Ltd. who is a license Holder for 16.55625 acres applied for the registration of affordable plotted colony (DDJAY) project namely “The Nation” located at Sector-95, Gurugram under section 4 of the Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act, 2016 vide central receipt no. 28617 dated 10.02.2022 and RPIN-437. The Temp I.D. of REP – I (Part A-H) is RERA -GRG-PROJ-1013-2022. The project area for registration falls under the license no. 11 of 2022 dated 02.02.2022 valid up to 01.02.2027 was issued by DTPC, Haryana. The application for registration was scrutinized and 1st deficiency notice vide no. HARERA/GGM/RPIN/437 dated 21.02.2022 was issued to the promoter with an opportunity of being heard on 07.03.2022. The promoter has submitted the reply dated 07.03.2022 which was scrutinized and still the following deficiencies are pending which are as follows: -   1.       The annexures in the online are not uploaded as well as the correction needs to be done in the online (A-H). 2.       Corrections in Detailed Project Information needs to be done. 3.       Copy of approved zoning plan need to be submitted. 4.       Electrical load availability NOC not submitted. 5.       Copy of approved service plans and estimates along with the sanction letter from DTCP, Haryana needs to be submitted.   The authority directed the promoter to submit the corrected copy of online application REP-I (A to H) and detailed project information within two days.  The authority has decided to grant the registration of the project subject to the submission of bank guarantee of Rs. 25 lakhs each on account of approved service plans and estimates and approved zoning plan within a week. This bank guarantee shall be forfeited in case the approved service plans and estimates, and approved zoning plan are not submitted in the authority within three months from the date of grant of registration. APPROVED AND READY FOR CERTIFICATE ISSUING PROCESS ---
07-Mar-2022 Ms. Prachi Singh, Planning Executive briefed the facts about the project. No one is present on behalf of the promoter. The authority has decided to grant 1week time to fulfil the deficiencies and matter to come up on 14.03.2022.  EXAMINATION BY MEMBERS View Order