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GGM/489/221/2021/57 DATED 28.09.2021 RERA-GRG-900-2021 15-Sep-2021 06-Aug-2021 APPROVED AND CERTIFICATE UPLOADED NOT REQUIRED Yes 21-Sep-2021 BY HAND BY HAND
Hearing is fixed for 28.09.2021. View Form(A-H)
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GGM/489/221/2021/57 DATED 28.09.2021 30-Oct-2021 RC Approved and Certificate Uploaded
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28-Sep-2021 Sh. Ashish Kush, Planning Executive briefed the facts about the project. Sh. Krishan Kumar (Director) and Sh. Sumit Chaudhary (CFO) are present on behalf of the promoter. The promoter M/s Whiteland Corporation Pvt. Ltd. who is a License Holder applied for the registration of real estate project namely “URBAN CUBE 71” located at Sector-71, Gurugram under section 4 of the Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act, 2016 vide central receipt no. 23457 dated 15.09.2021 and RPIN-379. The Temp I.D. of REP – I (Part A-H) is RERA -GRG-PROJ-900-2021. The project area for registration is same as that of the licensed area i.e. 2.65 acres. License no – 67 of 2021 dated 13.09.2021. The application for registration was scrutinized and 1st deficiency notice vide notice no. HARERA/GGM/RPIN/379 dated 21.09.2021 was issued to the promoter with an opportunity of being heard on 28.09.2021. The promoter submitted the reply on 21.09.2021 and 28.09.2021, after scrutiny of the reply the remaining deficiencies are mentioned below: 1.       The annexures in the online application are not uploaded as well as the correction needs to be done in the online (A-H) application. 2.       Demarcation plan, Zoning plan and Architectural control sheet needs to be submitted. 3.       Approved Service Plan and Estimates needs to be submitted. 4.       Approvals / NOC’s from various agencies for connecting external services like roads, water supply, sewage disposal and storm water drainage needs to be submitted. 5.       Copy of approval letter of Electrical load availability needs to be submitted. 6.       Draft Brochure of the project needs to be submitted.   The promoter stated that they have applied for above mentioned approvals in their respective departments and requested for the conditional registration certificate.   The Authority decided to grant the registration subject to corrections in online (A-H) application and submission of bank guarantee of Rs. 25 lakhs and Rs. 50 lakhs regarding obtaining approval of architectural control sheet, approved zoning plan, electrical load availability, approval/ noc’s for water supply, sewage disposal, storm water drainage within one month and submission of approved service plans and estimates within three months respectively. Further, a condition shall be imposed that no withdrawal of any amount shall be allowed till submission of above documents.Member (Samir Kumar)Member (Vijay Kumar Goyal)Chairman (Dr. K.K. Khandelwal)  APPROVED AND READY FOR CERTIFICATE ISSUING PROCESS ---