Comprehensive Project Details
Project Location Details
Project Name Project Location Project District Project Tehsil Promoter Name
LA CENTRAL Revenue estate of village Begampur khatola, sector 74A, District Gurugram. GURUGRAM Kadipur ST Divine Vision Infra Retail Pvt. Ltd.
Project Detail
Project Registration Number Project Id Receiving Date Online Submission Date Current Status Next Date of Hearing Notice Dispatched Notice Dispatched On Notice Tracking Id Notice Dispatched Remarks View Notice Initially Scrutinized Remarks Details of Project(Form A-H)
GGM/432/164/2020/48 DATED 22.12.2020 RERA-GRG-711-2020 20-Oct-2020 17-Jul-2020 APPROVED AND CERTIFICATE UPLOADED NOT REQUIRED Yes 29-Oct-2020 received by hand 1st deficiency notice
1st deficiency notice sent to the promoter. View Form(A-H)
Project Approval Status
Project Registration Number Uploading Date Remarks View Certificate
GGM/432/164/2020/48 DATED 22.12.2020 02-Feb-2021 RC Approved and Certificate Uploaded
Project Listing Details
Date of Hearing Proceedings of the day Status Order
22-Dec-2020 During hearing, the promoter has submitted the corrected REP-I (Part A-H) which was scrutinized and found in order. The promoter has submitted the affidavit declaring that he will submit the approval for water supply, storm water drainage and sewerage disposal, approved zoning plan within 3 months. Therefore, the authority has decided to grant registration certificate and direct the promoter to submit the aforesaid deficit documents within 3 months from the date of grant of registration certificate. APPROVED AND READY FOR CERTIFICATE ISSUING PROCESS ---
11-Dec-2020 The matter has been adjourned since the Coram is not complete. The next date of hearing is 15.12.2020 ADJOURNMENT ---
08-Dec-2020 The matter has been adjourned since the Coram is not complete. The next date of hearing is 11.12.2020 ADJOURNMENT ---
23-Nov-2020 The matter is adjourned for 08.12.2020 ADJOURNMENT ---
09-Nov-2020 1st deficiency notice sent to the promoter. EXAMINATION BY AUTHORITY ---